Temple of the Serpent

An ye harm none, do what thou will.

The Temple of the Serpent
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Merry Meet everyone! I am Jennifer, but my magickal name is Lady Mara. Please feel free to post spells, information, poetry and stories, pictures, and whatever else you want! But here are a few rules you must follow in order to join.

1. Your first post should consist of this form:
Three favorite hobbies:
Will you be active here?

2. If you are posting a large picture, or more than one picture, or a story or poem, PLEASE use an lj-cut!!

3. Please feel free to promote your communities!

4. There is no discrimination whatsoever. Period. Whether it's racial, religious, WHATEVER, don't do it!

5. Respect others and you will be respected.

6. If you are being discriminated or harassed by someone, please contact me, jennifer_felton or email me at teenstar321@hotmail.com and I will take care of it.

7. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. If you're pissed off, depressed, horny...*wink wink*, go ahead and tell us about it. Language is okay here.

That's about it! If you can follow these simple rules, then welcome to the Temple of the Serpent!

"Ever mind the rule of three
What thou givest returns to thee.
This lesson well, thou shalt learn,
Thou only gets what thou dost earn!"
--Karmic Rule of Three

Merry ye meet, merry ye part, until we merry meet again.
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